eGuide:Eliminating Your Cash Shortage

Even if earnings are good, and profits are great – your business could still fail.

For example: Ever had a customer be late on payments? What if at the same time you have to pay a large bill for inventory? Maybe you don’t have enough sales to generate cash. Sound familiar?

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White Paper:Understanding Financial Statements

This overview was written to help CEOs read and understand their respective organizations’ Financial Statements – it is Financial Statements simplified.

The intention is to guide readers so they will be able to identify and grasp the essential and important elements found in their Financial Statements. Comprehensive contents include the following definitions and details, written in plain english!


Case Study:Inventory Days

Learn how we found $82,000 of hidden cash within a local retailer’s business!

Like most business owners, this retailer had little financial training. Although his bookkeeper supplied him with reports on a monthly basis, without knowing what to look for, he was missing some important metrics.


FinancialSoft's Financial Reporting System provides business intelligence to help company owners increase Cash Flow and Profits.

The report includes powerful metrics and helps you fine tune your financial performance.

FinancialSoft's Financial Reporting System Plans

Subscription Plans

FinancialSoft offers multiple subscription plans to our customers. From general small businesses to specific markets. Select the bold Title text to get more details:

Electronic Financial Officer (eFO):

General small business financial measurement system.

Veterinary Financial Officer (vFO):

Financial measurement system for Veterinary practices.

Profit Gap:

Automatically produces all of the metrics and analysis taught in the Profit Mastery University course.

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